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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

<<push to make the training she describes mandatory - I would have
been very discouraged>>

My training on the Htron+ was 45 minutes, and most was to deal with
basel rates, since I already knew my bolus amounts (from lantus use),
and also instruction on how to insert a infusion set
My training on the Cozmo was 30 minutes and that was just long enough
to learn how to programme and fill the pump, since it was alot more
technical than the Htron+
I went live the first day I was on the pump too. I did not do a saline
trial. But we also had my basel rates set just a bit to high, as about
12 or so hours after I started I had my first 2 lows (and then a
couple hours later, I had some really bad highs).

<<I handle all my pump care now, my endo or CDE has nothing to do with
it, unless I have serious problems, which I have not.>>

I too was dealing with all (100%) of my pump care, but then I was also
handling 100% of my D care too. And then I had to go and get sick, and
my control got out of control. This is the first time that I have had
any issues with my pump or D since I went on the pump, that I could
not handle. I would tweek one way and bottom out, and then I would
tweek the other way and go sky high. There was no inbetween. I was
also getting burn out, with all the drastic roller coasting of my
sugars. Then there was being told that it was time to see a
endocrinologist, as it will be 7 years since I saw one in August (yes,
in just about 2 months, it will be 7 years since I last saw a
endocrinologist). So with the Endo, I will use her for some
suggestions, and get feedback on how my control is doing, other than
getting a "good job" or a "awesome job" and then a copy of my HbA1c's
and other D related labs (will still get them, for I let ALL my
doctors know that I want copies of ALL my labs for my personal medical
notebook, and so all my doctors are on the same ball, for I share it
with them all).
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