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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

At 09:59 AM 6/11/2008, email @ redacted wrote:
>  This is very much a YMMV issue, I understand. I recognize that most people
>probably need more help than I did, but for me, it turned out 
>excellent. I hope
>they don't push to make the training she describes mandatory - I 
>would have been
>very discouraged. Like she said, "After all, I can
>  read the manual. I can watch a video. I can figure it out, darn it!". That's
>exactly what I did, and I appreciate the fact I had the freedom to do so.

When I got my first pump, I was required by my endo's office to take 
their pump training to the tune of $600 (which I had to pay myself 
since my insurance did not pick up the cost.)  This training included 
everything from inserting an infusion set (which I already knew since 
I'd had lots of learning and instruction here at IP and had already 
done a saline trial), using the H-Tron+ pump (which I already knew 
more about than the endo office's CDE, since they mostly prescribed 
MiniMed pumps at the time), and carb counting (which I already knew 
about from my learning here at IP and online.)  Interestingly, the 
nutritionist and CDE at the endo's office spoke of carbs as "one 
carb, two carbs" meaning approx. 15g of carb for each unit of 
carb.  I totally discounted that information since I counted grams of 
carbs rather than one carb or two carbs, etc. which seemed more accurate to me.

So, I could have probably done just fine with a free pump trainer 
from Disetronic rather than the program I went through at such a high 
cost to me.  I realize that not everyone is the same, but I have 
never had any major pump training since, I've never notified my 
endo's office when I decided to get a new pump, I just did it.  I had 
a small amount of training, in a restaurant over lunch, for my Animas 
IR1200, but that was it.  So, I also would fight any kind of 
"mandatory" pump training.  I think that everyone needs to be looked 
at on an individual basis.

Btw, I handle all my pump care now, my endo or CDE has nothing to do 
with it, unless I have serious problems, which I have not.  YMMV.

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