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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

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From: "S. Falconer" <email @ redacted> 

> After I "went live" with insulin, I was in daily contact with 
> my pump trainer as she helped me adjust my basal rates and determine my 
> insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio.  It's beyond my ken how a medical 
> professional can approve a pump for 
> somebody and just turn that person loose with no support. 
 I feel very fortunate that I seemed to have everything nailed down when I got
my pump. My endo and I had discussed my basal rates, and I have only had to make
one very minor adjustment. Likewise, my I:C ratio and correction factors have
not changed a bit - got 'em right from the git go.

 So, I had minimal training for my pump. I spent about an hour with the trainer
- most time spent upon infusion set insertion. I never went through the saline
trial - I went live when I met the trainer. I had read "Pumping Insulin" - well,
actually I pretty much skimmed through it and concentrated on those parts that
mattered most to me (isn't it always about me?).

 Anyway, if I had to contact somebody every day about what I was doing, I'd have
gone bonkers. I appreciate the fact that I was turned loose with some good
advice. I would have hated it if I had to go through the intense counselling and
training this author describes.

 This is very much a YMMV issue, I understand. I recognize that most people
probably need more help than I did, but for me, it turned out excellent. I hope
they don't push to make the training she describes mandatory - I would have been
very discouraged. Like she said, "After all, I can
 read the manual. I can watch a video. I can figure it out, darn it!". That's
exactly what I did, and I appreciate the fact I had the freedom to do so.

-dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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