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[IP] bard

Jamie wrote
>  I just found out my 15 yr old son has not been using IV Prep 
> when doing a site change. I can't seem to get him to 
> understand the importance of trying to avoid infection. 

I've been pumping for over 15 years and haven't used bard OR
alcohol on my skin since 2001...and I have never had an
infection. I suppose if he regularly wallows in toilet water
(or rubs tomatoes on his skin) I might be worried, but otherwise,
leave him alone. He won't die from not wiping first - besides, 
Bard and alcohol and everything ELSE do not "sterilize." Soap and 
water in the shower is usually plenty.

> have any photos of what an infection from a 
> site could look like so I could maybe "scare" him into using 
> the preps??

When I was diagnosed in 1974, they tried to SCARE me into compliance
with pictures and stories of the complications and how horrible 
life could be.  I refused to sit through that crap then as a preteen
and think it is a BAD tactic to use now.  Give him the tools, 
lead by example, and then let him make his own choice. He is 15, 
not 3, and in MY personal opinion, and not as a parent, I think 
there are bigger battles to pick than this one

Sara SP
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