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Re: [IP] omnipod


 I have had many pods go bad on me.? Everytime I called, they replaced them but
they started getting a little testy with me as if I wasn't doing something
correctly.? I would get the snort in the phone or a long sigh.? I guesstimate
that out of three boxes of pods about one of them (10 pods) went bad.? I
remember standing on the metro platform one morning about an hour and a half
after changing my pod and all of a sudden getting the high pitched continuous
alarm.? Had to stand on the platform pull out my PDA and watch as my pod was
deactivated.?On more than one occassion, I've had to waste up to three trying to
get one to prime or not deactivate for whatever reason.? I got totally paranoid
changing the pods, praying they would take.?

Karen C.
Alexandria, VA

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Subject: [IP] omnipod

 I have been using the pod for about 2 years and enjoy the convenience of no
 In the last several weeks I have experienced many pods going badie- delievery
stopped and alarm sounded or it faled to prime.
  I agree that customer service at Omnipod is great. I call, provide info and
is replaced. However, the number of defective pods is troubling me and causing
grweat inconvenience. I am wondering if I am alone or if others have this
Thanks for your responses.
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