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Re: [IP] Pump Died

This just happened to me and I tried the every two hours thing but really
ran into trouble overnight.  Someone here recommended switching to Humulin R
and giving that every 6hrs, (add up what you would use in your pump for the
next 6 hrs and take that amount of Humulin R) and then use your short acting
for Boluses in between.  This little tidbit was a lifesaver for me, 
especially through the night.

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Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 7:17 PM
Subject: [IP] Pump Died
> I'm sure there are some pump users out there that have had this  happen.
> My
> pump died this afternoon and although I have another coming to  me
> tomorrow
> (sometime) I have to go back on shots for the time being.   HELP!!!!
> LOL!!!!
> My pump did everything for me.  It's unbelievable how much you come to
> depend (and forget about) that little thing that is attached to your
> waistband.
> I'm lost.  My son, also a pump wearer but never has had  one completely
> die on
> him, laughed and said, "I guess you're back on  shots!"  He also said I
> would
> have to test every two hours, which I know,  but he also said during the
> night
> too.  I didn't think about that.   AND how am I suppose to know how many
> units I have "on board"? My pump did all that for me. Along with alerting
> me
> every two hours after a  bolus.  YIKES!!!!
> Can anyone tell me their experience in a situation like this?  Like I
> said,
> I'm lost and I can't wait until my new pump comes in the mail  tomorrow.
> I'll
> probably kiss the UPS man!
> Judy
> Pumping since 11/07
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