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Re: [IP] Problem with high readings after filling the reservoir

Edna wrote:
>>Quite often when I fill my reservoir I have high BG readings for a>>period
of time (4-6 hours) after filling it.

Edna - I have noticed on occasion that if I simply refill the reservoir, and
not refill the tubing, that air bubbles will enter into the tube.  If that
happens, after a period of time you'll be delivering air, not insulin, into
your body until the air pocket disappears.

This doesn't happen every time, so I can't explain why it does (or does not)

An air pocket may or may not be the cause based upon your time delay between
reservoir refill and high BG readings. I forget the forumla, but 1 unit of
insulin moves thru the tube at a certain rate, so you could calculate if an
air bubble delay looks correct based upon your basal rate delivery.

Hope that helps,
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