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[IP] Pump died

Amy commented:
Do not use Lantus or other long acting insulin if you want to get
right back on the pump as soon as it gets there!

Sharon Replied
You are so right for all the hassle of getting the Lantus and figuring out 
how much to take and what to do when the pump gets fed-ex'ed. It is actually 
so much easier to do the check BG every two hours, give insulin, check again 
in two hours, give insulin.....
I have been on Minimed pumps since I started (1999) pumping and had two 
maybe three pump failures. The lack of anxiety is priceless (having to deal 
with the Lantus change over).
My sister is also type one and started on Lantus because she is unsure about 
pumping and is doing well. What works for some may not work for all, and I 
am glad she is doing well on whatever regimen she chooses. Sharon B 
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