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Re: [IP] Pump Died

Check, give Humalog (or Novolog) by injection and recheck every three  
Do not use Lantus or other long acting insulin if you want to get  
right back on the pump as soon as it gets there!

Amy Echlin

mom to Patrick, 22, Sean, 19, Catherine, 17, narcolepsy, Veronica, 13,  
dxd 2001, pumping 2020, Dexcom
email @ redacted

On Jun 9, 2008, at 7:17 PM, email @ redacted wrote:
> I'm sure there are some pump users out there that have had this   
> happen.  My
> pump died this afternoon and although I have another coming to  me  
> tomorrow
> (sometime) I have to go back on shots for the time being.    
> HELP!!!!  LOL!!!!
> My pump did everything for me.  It's unbelievable how much you come to
> depend (and forget about) that little thing that is attached to your  
> waistband.
> I'm lost.  My son, also a pump wearer but never has had  one  
> completely die on
> him, laughed and said, "I guess you're back on  shots!"  He also  
> said I would
> have to test every two hours, which I know,  but he also said during  
> the night
> too.  I didn't think about that.   AND how am I suppose to know how  
> many
> units I have "on board"? My pump did all that for me. Along with  
> alerting me
> every two hours after a  bolus.  YIKES!!!!
> Can anyone tell me their experience in a situation like this?  Like  
> I  said,
> I'm lost and I can't wait until my new pump comes in the mail   
> tomorrow.  I'll
> probably kiss the UPS man!
> Judy
> Pumping since 11/07
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