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>I wont say more about this except that a vaccine is FOR and ONLY FOR 
>the benefit of the person who takes the vaccine.

NO.  There is something called a "herd effect"  that kicks in when a 
large percentage of a population is immunized.  Essentially, the 
unvaccinated you benefits from the fact that most of the population 
is immunized because you are much less likely to be exposed and 
exposure chains are broken quickly, thus forestalling an epidemic. 
Being of the generation that was at high risk for polio and took it 
for granted we'd get mumps, measles, german measles and chickenpox (I 
had all four and was quarantined for some) I am well aware of the 
benefits of herd effect.  It is for this reason that public health 
has leaned so heavily on innoculations, NOT because the drug 
companies are making money.  (Why do you think so many drug companies 
are trying to get OUT of the vaccine market?)
  That said, there are individuals who do not benefit from vaccines 
and probably should not take them.  If the immune system doesn't 
work, a vaccination will not confer immunity.  I ran into this when 
breeding dogs during the early parvo epidemic.  Puppies had to be 
protected, but the shots were no good until the mother's antibodies 
had worn off, and when this happened could be predicted from the 
antibody titer of the mother.  I used to titer my bitches when the 
pups were a few days old to time the first shot.  One of the bitches, 
no matter how recently she'd been vaccinated, never had a protective 
titer.  She never got parvo, but her pups were started on the vaccine 
as soon as their own immune systems were mature enough to respond.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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