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RE: [IP] Insulin Question:How many units???

I get 3 and a 1/3 reservoirs from 1 vial of humalog. As far as what my MM715
reads I haven't figured it out. I also fill my tubing with a prime from my
old reservoir then connect to the pump and new full reservoir. The minute I
start to prime the set the quantity of insulin is no longer 300 units even
if nothing comes out of the set end of the tube. I suspect that the pump
program deducts a certain amount from the 300 units for the calculated
prime. Do I make any sense?

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY


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I know that there are 1000 units in each vial of insulin ( Novolog) , and
that each reservoir for my daughters pump is supposed to hold 300 units.
When I fill a reservoir, and put it in the pump , I always check the "units
of insulin left" and it says somewhere around  270-280. I havent used the
other 20-30 units up in the prime, as usually I have a tube that already has
insulin in it, so its not necessary. With one bottle of Novolog, I get 2
insulin reservoirs  with 280 units ( approx) each, and another with about
120 units, total of 662 units.....I SHOULD be getting 3 resevoirs , +
another 100 units.... Anyone know why this is????????? Im doing everything
right, ( I think!!!!) and not wasting any insulin. Anyone else have this 



Kim Vierra-Diehl
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