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RE: [IP] pump site issues

I'm getting ready to give up on upper buttock sites because I pull them out
every single time!  Anyone have suggestions to keep that from happening.
I'm allergic to every adhesive product I've tried to date.  But, I just
found out that Skin Tac is making a hypoallergenic version called Skin Tac
H.  I ordered it and hoping to try those sites again.

I currently have a site on my thigh that's glued with mastisol but it's
itching like fire from the mastisol.  I'm going to try to make it until
tomorrow (72 hours) to change because I've blown so many sites lately with
them getting pulled out!

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I have been pumping for seven years and until six months ago didn't use my 
stomach or abdomen. I had to switch from the 9mm to 6mm quickset because I 
didn't have much fat and was hitting muscle in my abdomen/stomach area. I 
used my thighs and "flank," upper butt exclusively. I think getting "no 
delivery" alarms may be because of the difficulty in positioning the 
inserter so it sits correctly before pushing the button. It is a challenge 
to put enough pressure against my body before insertion due to contorting 
yourself around to the area. Also, if your daughter hesitates, she probably 
isn't holding the inserter tight against her body which could cause a bent 
canula or it not being in deep enough. I rarely have any problems with 
sitting unless the site is too low on my butt. I have to be careful with 
placement in relation to where the seams are on my jeans. My problem has 
always been with pulling my pants up or down to use the toilet! I've pulled 
my set off many times! I hope this is helpful to you. Candice 
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