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[IP] Update on Issues... LONG

Was in ICU over the weekend (got out of ICU to reg. med. unit monday
and dc'd tuesday).. DUE to a variety of things, D encluded

Oh, and I found out, that I need to find out what brand of gen.
fentanyl patch that Legacy Good Sam uses.. for even though rx'ed
75mcg, they had me on 50, and OMG, NICE.. they decreased my dose
(diff. generic patch), and I had ZERO back pain.. just the RLQ pain,
that I had been having for almost 2 weeks.. still have it, and it is 2
weeks today, but not bad at all, and it will NOT take me to hospital,
like it did last week.. 3 visits to hospital.. 1 hospitalization. oh
and I got my port-a-cath (BardPort with groshong) on the 5th of may..
NO more needle torture (that is unless the RN accessing f**** up like
ED did on sat night, and got along side of it, on the outside.. OMG,
that fucking hurt... I screamed bloody murder, and bit down on 3 warm
blankets folded over and tears ran down my face.. OMG did that hurt..
also found out I am ALLERGIC to tegaderm (**** that too, since I use
tegaderm or IV3000 to keep patches (fentanyl, and vivelle dot
[estrogen]) and pump sites secure... I DID see a endocrinologist in
ICU and reg unit.. a Gihan "Gigi" Dawood .. OMFG sweet heart, and I am
EXTREAMLY judgemental too (expecially with physicians).. I really like
her, so I will have reg doc deal with my D until Aug until I see her.

Gihan "Gigi" Ellen Dawood, went to NURSING school got her BSN and then
was a cardiac ICU nurse for 2 years, then went on to osteopathic
medical school (DO), and then did her 3 years of residency then her 1
year fellowship in endocrinology.. and was hired right out of her
fellowship by PDEC, who I hate, but willing to go, since I am now
being required to see a endocrinologist, due to my diabetes being out
of control, and I am not being able to control it on my own anymore,
and I DO NEED some suggestions, as with my reg. doc, I was 100% in
control, with no suggestions.. she did order my yearly kidney function
(but then so did the nephrologist and urologist), and I saw my
neurologist q6m, and my gastro doc yearly, ect.. all she did was write
out the rx's and if I wanted to see a CDE, she refered me, but I did
100% on my own, and here I am 33 years of age, and been doing it on my
own for almost 7 years now, and I am getting burn out big time, and my
sugars are also.. she suggested that I decrease basels by 20% around
the board (everything), and I am doing 100% better now than I was a
week ago, all except that I am running 140-200 bgs, and right now ONLY
allowed to correct if I am over 180 due to all the fucking lows. HbA1c
was taken 2 months ago and I was 10.8 (well I did have a major
surgery, and subsequent complications), and now I am back where I
somewhat like 5.6, but I do prefere to be 5.1-5.3, but 5.6 is not bad,
not bad at all, expecially with all the freakish lows (26.. several
times, dozens of 30's and 40's and 50's..).

Went to hospital, Tuesday, thursday and sat of last week.. discharged
tuesday and thursday, but thank g-d I do not remember much of anything
after I got to hospital saturday.. they fucked up accessing my
port-a-cath, and I DO remember that, but once they got it accessed
correctly, I do not remember NOTHING.. I was in a coma for 25 or so
hours, and in ICU.. I have the knucle rub marks on my sternum, where
they used their knucles on my sternum trying to wake me up (asked on
tuesday what they were from, and the doctor had to go and look at my
ED chart notes). I know that if I did not go into the coma, they would
not have done nothing. I remember freeking out at about 2ish monday
am, trying to figure out where the fuck I was, as I did not know that
I was in ICU in hospital, but then the next thing I remember it is
about 11ish monday am, and I have a Dr Jill Pruett MD (hospitalist),
and Dr Gigi Dawood DO (PDEC endo) at my bedside, trying to wake me up
to check me. Then about 6.30ish I was transfered down to 4 Central
(medical specialities/transplantation.. they do ALOT of cadaver and
living donor kidney tx off that floor.. 100% PRIVATE rooms.. HUGE
rooms too.. before the remodel they were double bed rooms), and then
about noon tuesday I was discharged, with them still not knowing what
fucked my sugars to hell and back and what was causing the RLQ pain,
nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea (although was constipated in
hospital), ect.. but was dx'd with pneumonia and a sinusitis WHILE in
hospital, that I did NOT go in with.. YES, I got sick while in ICU..
for I was cranky, and coughing ALOT, and asking left and right for
cough syrup, and my inhailers, and also a asthma flare due to
pneumonia. So yes, I was sick when admitted, and sick when
discharged.. They put me on doxycycline, and I am going to do todays
doses, and tomorrow's am dose, but when i see the doc tomorrow, I am
going to tell her to switch the med, I can NOT handle this
tetracycling antibiotic.. it is making me very sick to my stomach,
diarrhea that is NOT abating even with lomotil (rx anti-diarrheal..
and it is a schedule IV med due to the diphenoxalate being a cousing
to demerol).
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