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RE: [IP] questions about Minimed x22 series

>  Dick (MM722)

> First - my c ratio is 4:1
> 	- my correction is 10:1
> 	- I set my target bg at 88-92
> I put in 1, 4, 8 carbs using the wizard set to a bg of 65. 
> I could not get
> the carbs to add in.  When I went to my correction, 10
> carbs, it told me to
> bolus 0.2, but if I manually reduced the 0.2 to 0.0, it
> would not take. 

> Liz

>you can manually
>enter carbs in Carelink and your totals will be updated there (all the
>from your pump that were bolused for, plus any extra that weren't).

Thanks for adding the reference to Carelink.  I knew that Carelink will take
all manual ads.   I should have pointed that out.  Caution must be used with
any pump.  A person with a very high sensitivity to insulin could easily add
even a small bolus and go low.  I did those trials with my tubing
disconnected, for safety.

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