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[IP] Cataract operation is off.

I have been jumping through hoops for everything health care wise, and  
this morning I went to get the pre-op tests after being told they  
would do them at the coastal communities hospital because they take  
CalOPTIMA.  But, I came in fasting and ready for the tests, they gave  
me a thing to fill out. I hadn't even finished and they said 'We're  
sorry, we can't do your tests here." I have CalOPTIMA, with an HMO  
type of 'co-insurance' and that flubbed everything up.

I took my cards and left, going to the eye guy's office in the next  
building over to tell the surgical coordinator and she said 'well, you  
shouldn't do the tests today anyway, you should do them three days  
before the operation.'... Sorry but that's a SATURDAY and things are  
CLOSED in *my* case (Contracted providers etc), and I also have to  
work. Otherwise on Friday; I work a half day, would have had to go on  
a six a.m. bus to the lab, get blood drawn, get a bit of breakfast and  
get another bus or 2 with transfers to the chest x-ray place in  
another town, and back in to work at 1 o'clock to work until 8PM. With  
my labs all over the place, watch them get lost in route to the  
hospital (!)

I was telling her that if the hospital where I am having this done  
won't do the tests, then they won't have the privilege of taking a  
blade to my eye either! It all spilled out how I was frightened to  
death of this whole thing, not sleeping at night and when I do having  
nightmares and the constant hoop jumping is just not on! Almost like  
making the condemned prisoner jump through hoops to reach the gas  

She looked at me for a few minutes and said "You're actually shaking,  
jenny. Are your sugars OK?"  Thanks to a list angel, I am using the  
MiniLink and also did do a bg test. 150 meter /162 sensor... I'd  
lowered my basel for a while because f the fasting need... I said "I  
guess I'm just too scared for all this bumph! I'm being made to go all  
over OC when there's a place RIGHT HERE!!  I might lose all of my  
sight and no one else would be effected, but I am.  I really want to  
'be sick' (used another word) right now"

So, she said 'You shouldn't be this frightened of the operation... I  
know why you are though, so let's cancel it for now and we'll see how  
it is in six months. Is that OK?'  I agreed.

She did say if she had only one eye and was facing this, she'd be  
extremely scared too.

I've let work know, and will write to the retina guy and so on too. I  
believe in 'omens' and had the tests got done without all the  
rigamarole, I would have seen it more as a 'supposed to happen' type  
of thing. As it isn't easy enough to get the stuff they want done,  
then I can't bring myself to do it.

I had asked for input about it earlier, so I thought I should let the  
list know what happened.
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