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Re: [IP] Issues... LONG

I just got home not that long ago from a quick hospitalization, which
encluded a coma (for 20 hours) with ICU, and reg. hospital bed.
We have not found out why I was having the issues with exaugerated
pain, freekish roller coasting of sugars, fatigue, ect.
But they were able to stabilize me with my sugars (not the pain, but
it is much much better).
My c:i ratio HAS been changed to 1:20 am, 1:25 lunch 1:30
dinner/supper, and 1:35 at bedtime
My basel rates have also been changed.. downwards by about 20%.
I ended up being seen by a Hospitalist (a doctor who's patients are
all hospitalized), and a endocrinologist (I actually like her, and she
was a hoot, so I will be seeing her as a endo.. my first one since 01
or 02.. can't remember).
My sugars were ranging from 134-180 in ICU, with just a few 40's and
50's until they upped the IV fluids from D5 to D10, but only did that
for about 4 hours to stabilize me.
With my sugars becoming more stable, my pain has been getting much
much better (I normally have a extreamly high pain tollerance, but
lately, I have not been able to bare any kind of pain at all).
They did a HbA1c while in hospital and I was 5.6, so I am still doing
really good with my readings. I know that I would be ALOT higher if I
did not get sick.
Well, I was also diagnosed with bronchill pneumonia while in hospital,
and I had only been there since Sat evening about 10.30pm, and was
diagnosed on Monday (yesterday) while in ICU (got out of ICU about 6pm
and got out of hospital about noon today). (the hospital staff could
not believe how quick I got sick.. but I did tell them, and my
medicalert bracelet info DID tell them I had 2 primary
immunodeficiencies.. more specific CVID, and selective IgA def.).
I am still on almost hourly bg's.. hourly while awake, but I have to
check every 2 hours while sleeping. I am still doing IV fluids, but
just not the K+, insulin and sugar (in away... using lactated ringers
with normal saline.. 2 bags at once, but the pump has the capibilities
to do 2 different bags at once). My K+ HAS stabilized along with my
sugars. I have been stablized at 3.6.. barely within normal
parameters, but much better than where it had been.
So we have solved two issues, but what caused them, we do not know,
but the others, hopefully will get better over time

R. Leppanen
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