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[IP] Motilium (Domperidone) for Gastroparesis

I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis a couple months ago.  I had 
been on Reglan, but became depressed and over time cried almost 
constantly (I didn't realize the Reglan could cause depression).  Within 
3 days of stopping the Reglan the crying stopped and I almost feel like 
my old self less than a week later. 

I know there are not many meds available for treating gastroparesis, but 
have read good things about Motilium.  If you are taking it, did your 
doctor prescribe/recommend it?  How/where do you get it?

My A1c has been between 4.9 - 6.0 for the last 7 years (since going on 
the pump), and in the 6's a couple years before that.  I know my control 
has not always been great (I've had diabetes for 31 years now), but I've 
never had an A1c over 10 (not that I'm aware of).  These last 10 years 
of so, my highest A1c has been 6.5, so this diagnosis really shocked 
me.   I think this is a part of why the depression hit, and the Reglan 
just made it worse. 

Are you able to keep your A1c decent with the much harder to control 
blood sugars?  Does it ever get any easier?

Thanks for any and all info!

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