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[IP] my insurance rocks!

 Two weeks ago I spoke with a nurse/CDE from Minimed who told me that my
insurance was covering the CGMS. She gave me the number of a local rep, and I
left a message for him last Thursday. On Friday someone else from MM called me,
got some info, said she was sending it to their insurance specialist. He (Phil,
insurance guy at MM) called me yesterday and said that not only does my
insurance cover it 100%, but they're willing to spring for a whole new pump even
though I have almost a year left on the warranty!

 I just checked my order history on the Minimed store site, and it all shipped
yesterday and should arrive tomorrow! WOW! I chose to thay with the 7xx series
even though the 5xx is plenty big. I dislike filling reservoirs and like that I
can go through several cannulas before having to change the reservoir. I did
choose purple this time, a change from my current blue.

 I know people love to complain about insurance companies, and even though my
premium is high (I pay half) and my doctor/hospital co-pays are high, it is
fantastic if you have diabetes. I have never been denied anything and all
diabetic prescriptions are $10 no matter what or how much.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005 - upgrading to a 722/CGMS soon!
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