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[IP] College Accomidations

Hi Everyone,
  I am reading these post on accomadations in colllege.   I am laughing.  I
went to a 4 year university.   I never told any of the professors I had d.
Now when I went back to our local community college.  I needed to take
Organic chem 1 over again and also needed to take Anatomy and Physiology 1
and 2.   I do beleive I told the lab teacher I had type 1 at some point the
first semester of a and P 1.   Well of course wouldn't you know the night of
our final exam.   I really didn't need to take it as I had handed in a paper
on type 1 of course.   This was to substitute for one of the 3 exams.
Luckily I didn't need the grade.   Well of course, I had air bubbles in my
pump tubing earlier that day.  So being a good diabetic i pushed them out.
I totally forgot that I needed to refill my reservoir and went off to
school.   Well as the final is about to start.   My pump starts alarming.
This is a 508 and they get rather pissy if you are out of insulin.  I just
hit a button to shut it up.   I figurd okay I can make it throught the final
without an issue.  Well I was really wrong.  I swear this pump went nuts
every 5 minutes.  The teacher is threatening to rip that beeper off of me.
I am telling her no she won't.  In the meant time I am writing her a not on
the side of the paper about the stupid diabetic who forgot to refill her
pump and had no supplies with her.   I end up handing in the paper to her
she reads the note and says I should have told her earlier.  I just wanted
to make sure that the grade on the paper was good.  It was an A so I knew
that I was safe.   She was so applogetic to me.  I was just like.  I really
don't need this grade so I am leaving.   She had no issues with it, but was
a funny situation.  The next semester the teacher was the same as the class
teacher.   She heard my meter testing.   I told her I was just testing
before we went into the lab.  No problem.   I did tell my lab partner he was
to make me leave or test if I ever acted really out of sorts.  He was fine
with that.

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