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[IP] surgery questions

Jenny, 17, went to the dermatologist last week to have a couple of 
moles examined and the doctor found a big (6 x 8 inches), flat tumor on 
her back on top of her shoulder blade. The doctor thinks it's a lipoma, 
a benign fatty tumor, but there's a chance it could be another kind of 
soft tissue tumor. We go see a surgeon on Monday. As I read online, if 
it's benign and not complicated by being in the muscle, the surgery 
should take less than an hour.  Sometimes, they even do a liposuction.

I haven't paid much attention to the posts about surgery because they 
didn't apply to us. What does everyone recommend I say to the surgeon? 
I know sometimes they want to remove the pump and deal with the glucose 
levels in their own way.

This who thing really is upsetting because Jenny didn't even know it 
was there. She is supposed to leave on July 11 to be a counselor at the 
diabetes camp she has gone to for six years.

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