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Re: [IP] Pulling out infusion sets

I use my legs most of the time, with my hips being my secondary  
choice (Quicksets).  I've only pulled out a few sites in almost 4  
years of pumping, both times because I was in a hurry and too quick  
to pull down my pants and not think about it.  I have to make a  
conscious effort every time to remember where I have my site so that  
I carefully pull my pants out away from the site a little bit.  I  
never got caught on the tubing, but my thumb nail or pants would  
catch on the hub of the Quickset and pull it right out.  It's just  
one more of those things I have to pay close attention to with  
Diabetes that I used to do automatically, like BG checking, carb  
counting and bolusing.  After a while it becomes second-nature.

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, pumping 8/02

>  I need suggestions on how to not pull out my infusion set when it  
> is in my
> thigh or on my bottom. Everytime I take my pants off I pull on it.
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