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[IP] Highish lows: any bad consequences?

<<<I've seen all of those emails about lows in the 60 and under category 
being bad for you. I've been running lowish a lot lately due to changes in 
my routine. Just curious - aside from living on the edge, are there 
long-term health impacts associated with higher lows, such as 63-72? I know 
I get the munchies, but anything else?>>>

This is a YMMV issue.  Lows between 60 and 70 most likely don't have many 
long-term health issues.  The problem comes in when you are the kind of 
person who can plummet at the drop of a hat with no hypo awareness (so 
running that low is dangerous for the fear of dropping lower into a more 
dangerous level) or for people like me at the opposite extreme who have 
very, very strong hypo awareness and feel like absolute crap below 70 
(shaky, dizzy, unable to concentrate, which is why 70 is my low cutoff).  I 
personally feel that skimming "high" lows, as you call them, is generally 
pretty safe if you don't fit into one of the above categories, and other 
than feeling uncomfortable, I don't feel it's problematic to have lows 
unless they are below 55 or 60.

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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