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Re: [IP] college accommodations

I made it through college without any kind of accomodation (graduated dec 
2004). I checked bloodsugar whenever necessary (and wherever), and ate 
whatever, whenever. Your daughter's personality may dictate how open/visible 
she is about her diabetes in general, but no one is going to stop her from 
stepping out to the restroom if she feels more comfortable...I'm extremely 
open, so I always welcomed the oportunity to talk about the pump, etc. I 
actually did a few great (for me and them) presentations to intro special 
education classes on what the teachers-in-training could expect in terms of 
the needs of diabetic students, pumping or not.

The only situation where the pump might be a potential issue, is when it 
chooses to alarm during an exam. I had a couple of profs with very (very, 
very) strict no cell phone policies. Those people I let know before an exam 
that I had an insulin pump and if it should happen to alarm, I would excuse 
myself. Turns out the only exam it alarmed in, was with the prof from the 
special education classes where I did the presentation. We had a good laugh 
about it.

I know that first semester of college is a litte unnerving, but I'd take a 
deep breath. I'm betting you've raised a young woman who is as proactive in 
getting her needs met as you are, and will be just fine. And if anyone gives 
her any garbage, she can always take it up with the appropriate 
administrators/disabilities resources people on campus.

Give your daughter my best on starting college, and drop me an email if you 
or she have any questions.

Jen in Phx 
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