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RE: [IP] college accommodations

Hi Kay,

I am a recent graduate from college who just completed four years and
wrestled, all of which I was on a pump. I never needed any accommodations as
far as school went, classes were only an hour, usually. I also checked before
and after because I had enough time, there is a lot more freedom in college
than in high school. As far as training for the teachers our school had a
nurse, so it really wasn't a big deal. If I every felt low or where I needed
to check my blood sugar I would just leave class, I could always get notes
later from a friend or a prof. It is always good to see what the school will
offer you too. The only thing I would suggest is that your daughter have
access to something (like a juice or pop) if she is low. Lots of students eat
and drink during class though. It was also good to let professors know that if
you leaving class it wasn't because it was boring or something it was cause
you were checking your blood sugar and would be right back.

Hope this helps

(email @ redacted)

Original message:
I know several of you are parents of recent or current college
students. Jenny starts in August and we haven't yet decided whether or
not to ask for accommodations. Jenny had a Section 504 in high school
but, except for forcing the district to do glucagon training, we didn't
use the 504. What sort of accommodations would you ask for? Permission
to check glucose and eat during class? Early registration? Any advice
would be appreciated.

Kay, mom to Jenny, 17

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