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Re: [IP] Too much mail????? No, not enough...

Dear Diana,

While I respect your input and desire to optimize the posting system, I 
must say that I feel that there is not enough mail.  I can usually go 
through the posts in about 10 minutes or less and, with no TV to watch 
over the Summer, I find myself looking for other things to do.  I wish 
there were more topics of interest here.

However, I do agree with your premise, that subject lines should be 
edited to reflect the actual content of the message.  This allows you to 
easily skim over those that you do not wish to read.  (FWIW, I do not 
choose to read the profile postings, so it is easy for me to screen 
those out.)

Antonio in LA,Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra, MiniMed Carelink and PAL software

Diana Schonauer wrote:
> I love this site, because I learn so much and like hearing the stories. BUT!!
> I have other things too do, besides sit at the pc for hours.  I loose
 > circulation in my legs, and I am a diabetic, I need exercise. I have things I
> need to get done before Xmas.
> I have an idea, tell me what you think! For instance, have topics like;
 > PUMPS, SITE PROBLEMS, INSURANCE, DR'S????, and of course NEW TOPICS when they
> come up. and of course the profiles.  Then we can choose one or more of them,
 > if we want, or all to receive mail from. Than if our mail box isn't full, and
> I have my house work done, I can go back and read from another topic. WHAT DO
> I'm sure someone out there is smarter than me and can figure this out.  Let's
> get some opinions??????
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