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Re: [IP] college accommodations

Hi Kay,

I am a graduate student and I have had diabetes for 18 years. College is not
high school. She will not need to ask for permission to check her blood
glucose in class and there are no rules limiting her having the nesescary
supplies (If I remember high schools made me keep them in the nurses office.
there was a strict no drug/needles on person rule, prescription or no
prescription (obviously i could keep glucose with me). If she doesn't want
the professor to find her rude if she walks out during class to check her
bg, then recommend that she meet with the professors during their office
hours the first week of class to give them the heads up. It will also be a
great chance to introduce herself and put a face to the name (which can
really help her out in classes with dozens of other students). This
shouldn't need to be a fequent occurance anyway given that classes are
usually an hour and 15 minutes or 2 hours depending on the number of times a
week they meet so she should be able to check before class starts and after
and be ok (obviously unless she is having a day where she is chasing
highs/lows or not feeling well). Also, eating in classes is (at least in my
experience) not frowned on (as long as it isn't messy/noisy/distracting)
unless it is a laboratory class, in which case it is NEVER accaptable to eat
in class Diabetes or no Diabetes. In those classes I usually just let the TA
know and went outside for a few minutes to have some glucose and let my BG
rise. No one (at least in my experience) will stand in the way so long as
she returns and completes her work.

As for forcing training.... She is an adult now or will be when she starts
college. It isn't the universities responsibility to care for her, only to
educate her as long as you pay them to do so. Because high school students
are minors High schools are left with the responsibilities legally of not
only educating but also caring for students health and injuries. This is not
and should not be the case with Universities. She should talk to her
roomates, friends and floormates about what happens in low blood sugar and
let them know where her kit is and ask them if they will be able/comfortable
to use it if the situation arose. If they are not she should seek others on
her floor that will be. My freshman year none of my roomates were very
helpful, nice or receptive, but an EMT in training who lived next door was
very nice and he volunteered to help me out if i needed it. I never ended up
needing help but it was nice to know that someone would help if need be.

I did not have the pump for the first 2 years of college and managed with
little to no problems with no accomidations. She shouldn't need early
registration. There is enough time between classes to check her sugar and if
she carries a snack (meal bar crackers etc) she should be ok even if she
ends up with a back to back class schedule (I had this one semester and it
was ok. tiring but ok- and also by choice).

I hope that this is some help for you. If you have any specific questions/
concerns please feel free to contact me on or off list and I will be happy
to share experiences etc about diabetes and college. My e-mail adress is
email @ redacted If your daughter wants someone to talk to about
university and diabetes please feel free to also give her my e-mail adress
and I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that she may have.

Best wishes and congratulations to your daughter for her college acceptance!

Original message:
I know several of you are parents of recent or current college
students. Jenny starts in August and we haven't yet decided whether or
not to ask for accommodations. Jenny had a Section 504 in high school
but, except for forcing the district to do glucagon training, we didn't
use the 504. What sort of accommodations would you ask for? Permission
to check glucose and eat during class? Early registration? Any advice
would be appreciated.

Kay, mom to Jenny, 17
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