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[IP] Re: [IPDid My MD Insult Me?

Today I had an appointment with my Endocrinologist who is a diabetic and 
uses a pump here in Chico, CA.
I have been on MDI for most of my 53 years of diabetic life.  I used a pump 
for 3 1/2 years.
I had another problem in Jan. 2001 and was in a coma like condition for 2 
and 1/2 months.
Zero memory for all that time.

After that I got back to my real Pump endocrinologist the San Francisco area 
he said "I don't have any other patient using Lantus so let's have you use 
it and try it out,"  For the last 5 or so years I have been on MDI of Lantus 
twice each day and Novalog before meals.  My A1c's are in the.7.5 range + 
and _ like they have been since I stared recording them in 1993

Today I said to my "expert" ?? " I think that I want to go onto that new 
thing of the pump and the recording unit when it is available."
 He said "No that is going to be to complicated to figure all those 
numbers., you should stay on MDI just like you are."

 I agree  syringes are cheaper since I can use them for at least a week 
before I can't drive the into my skin., but did he insult my inteligence?

Charles Soderstrom DDS Dx  T1 Oct 1953 at age 19
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