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Re: [IP] Replying to IP Life Masters?

Although I don't really need to know what ACBL is, nor Femac nor Emac, I 
would like to know what an "IP Life Master" is.

Antonio in LA,Age 40, Type 1 since 1993
MiniMed Paradigm 515, OneTouch Ultra, MiniMed Carelink and PAL software

email @ redacted wrote:
> ACBL?? Is this the American Commercial Barge Line? Congratulations, 
> but be careful of acronyms that aren't so obvious to other people. 
> Seriously, what are you a life master in?
> Also, Homer didn't buy the Femac. Ned Flanders won it in a rubber duck 
> race and gave to to Marge in exchange for baby sitting Rod and Todd. 
> Congratuations on the Emac too. We're about to buy a Mac mini. We're 
> hoping it will handle insulin pump data and glucometer data since 
> manufacturers are so PC oriented.
> Kay
On Wednesday, June 28, 2006, at 06:11 PM, email @ redacted wrote:
>> Just curious, but I was wondering how many IP people belong to ACBL   
>> and are
>> Life Masters.   Luckily I became a Life Master last month.
>> Jim Durr
>> North Coast of USA, Ogdensburg, NY
>> .
> I have an Emac, no,   not a Femac like Homer bought Marge. 
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