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Re: [IP] Pulling out infusion sets

>  Lauren Gibson <email @ redacted>  wrote:
>  I need suggestions on how to not pull out my infusion set when it is 
> in my
> thigh or on my bottom. Everytime I take my pants off I pull on it.

As has been said, being aware of it is probably the most helpful thing. 
  LOL  Put a paperclip, or something else that will get your attention, 
on your pants' button when your site is in one of those places?  Taped 
down tubing loops do help this sort of thing:  as they start to come 
off, you're made aware of the problem, before there's any pressure on 
the infusion part.  You'll probably have to replace the loop each time 
you disconnect, though.  The Contact-D sets have the disconnect taped 
on separately from the infusion part, so it sort of serves the same 
purpose, and the infusion set itself can be completely taped down.  I 
find it useful, also, when putting in a new site, to think about which 
way the tape is going (as someone said, toward the back can be helpful 
at some sites), to minimize the chances of snagging it.

Linda Z
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