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[IP] re: Animas 1250

 My 1200 came with the plastic case and a leather case. I found, to my dismay,
that my pump would fall out of the plastic holster case. Got tired of picking it
up so went to the leather case. Well.........the velcro did not last very long
at all and the pump case would open up and the pump would wiggle it's way out!
My daughter got a new cell phone around this time and with her cell phone came
this really nice leather case. I slipped my pump into the case and it has been
there ever since. Since I do not bathe, shower or swim with my pump on, I don't
worry about whether or not the pump case is water proof!
 Good luck on finding a pump case you really like! Wouldn't trade my cell phone
pump case for anything. Oh, I tried to use my clear Disetronic pump case but the
Animas is slightly thicker than the H-tronPlus Disetronic I had (have). I was
disappointed the Animas wouldn't fit as I really really like the case by
Disetronic--ok, Roche

Debbie and Sam Ina, my trusty Animas 1200Plus
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