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[IP] Any advice welcome

Dear wise and knowledgeable IPers:

I have hesitated to ask the IP list for advice, but I am at my wit's end
(assuming I have any wits left).

Here is the story as briefly as I know how to state it.
Feb 8th, had total knee replacement on right knee.  Successful.
Was scheduled to return to work (with walker for a few weeks) on Feb 23.
Feb 22 I simply stood up, my right foot at angle and my right tendon snapped,
I fell to floor bending knee and ripping open all stitches.
Feb 23 ret turned to Dr. Bramlett in Brookwood, Bham, for resewing all up.
Home to stay off let, rest, ice, compressed dressing, elevate, etc.
March 9th returned to doctor, not healed enough, put me in brace to keep knee
straight and sent me home for two weeks.  After two weeks went back and Doc
said keep brace on for two more weeks.
April 2nd back to doc who put me in bigger brace to keep it straighter and
said two more weeks.
 April 26th back to doc to perform surgery for cleaning out staff infection -
two more weeks, RICE, Brace but  back to work with knee propped up and little
May 16th (outpatient surgery)  back to doc who found leak in Synovial fluid at
knee cap (like hydraulic fluid in car, keeps it moving smoothly, but in this
case was keeping skin from closing up). Home for five days.
May 28th back to doc, says looks good except for a couple of spots still
healing, keep on same routine
June 5, back to doc,  one inch area at apex still not healed, doc took 4-5
stitches and sent me home on same routine.

During all this time, I was unable to drive so my daughter has been taking me
to work and picking me up, causing a $60 a week gas bill)
A small spot below stitches made a little bubble of blood, then popped
probably from dressing rubbing on it, bled then healed up.
I had a little spot at top of stitches, right at apex of knee that has is
draining after nearly a month.  Very small amount of discharge, but it is
there every day.

I had an appointment for June 20th with Doc.  I emailed him told him it was
still draining slightly, told him I had to be able to drive and told him I
wanted to change appointment to July 20 to give this spot plenty of time to
heal.  Told him I could not take the brace anymore, it still allowed slight
bending at knee.   At the last visit he said, for the first time that it must
be diabetes slowing the healing.

Here it is June 28, tiny little spot at apex of knee is still draining a very
small amount.   In all my diabetic life I have never had a slow healing spot,
and that includes spinal surgery and thyroid removal two years ago.

I am working, but sitting at computer all day with foot propped up. I drive to
work and back.  go home and for the most part sit with my foot up and iced for

Has anyone had anything like this in a healing problem?   I am really
frustrated.  I clean it with alcohol every night, put new dressing pad, cotton
wrap then two ace bandages around knee to help stabilize.  Use a walking cane,
and try to keep it from bending as much as possible.

Why won't this little spot heal?  Hey, besides prayer, I even put some crystal
rocks on it.  Didn't help!
Sorry for this boring tale, but if anyone has any idea, I would be grateful.
Bonnie from Bama

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