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Re: [IP] Too much phosphorous?

> >Thank you for the information but it does not address the
> >*effects* on one who has too much phosphorous.

> I have no clue but I did a quick search and found this page:
> http://www.aakp.org/AAKP/RenalifeArt/2001/phosphatebinders.htm
> It doesn't say a whole lot, and this paragraph seems to be the bulk
> of what bad things can happen:

Thanks so much. I am taking Renalgel tabs but had to double them. We'll
see with next month's lab results if that takes care of it. Of course I
skipped a dialysis treatment when in Boston, and that may have affected
it a bit, but I have been running higher the last few months. *I* don't
detect any side effects, but was wondering.

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