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Re: [IP] MM basal doses

> I was under the impression that the Basal doseage is delivered
> every hour.  Now I've heard that it is delivered every 3 mins.

Sounds like there is still confusion. It depends on your basal rate. One
of mine is .7u p/h, therefore, I get 0.1 (MM508) every 8.57 minutes. At
the Paradigm rate it would be half that. Another of my basals is 1.0 u
p/h so I get 0.1 every 6 minutes - which would be 3 minutes on a
Paradigm. It is all divided into 60 minutes. The 3-min. delivery would
be if the basal is 2.0u p/h. It is a *do the math* thing to figure it
out. It sure is a lot better than the one whole unit every 67 minutes I
got in '83.

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