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Re: [IP] retirement planning and transplants

At 02:14 AM 6/28/2006, Antonio wrote:
 >If your disease(s) and/or the complications therefrom, prevent you from
performing the duties of your regular occupation, or any occupation for which
you are reasonably suited by skill or training, for a period in excess of 1
year, then you may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance
(SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
>This would provide some income if you were not able to work until age 65/67. 

 This is true as long as you're not married to someone who earns a reasonable
income. A friend of mine, who was no longer able to work, applied for SSDI in
Ohio and was told that her husband earned too much money for her to qualify.
They were not rich by any means, middle income. When you're accustomed to a dual
wage, it's very difficult to cut it in half and still meet your expenses even
though the government thinks you are rich.

 >In the meantime, your state Medicaid agency may help with some of the costs of
medical care and then once you are on Medicare, Medicaid may pay the portion of
costs that Medicare does not pay

 Generally, states only give medicaid if you are very low income and/or have
dependent children.

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