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Re: Is clipping really necessary? (Was Re: [IP] Could you all please...)

At 11:06 PM 6/27/2006, you wrote:
>I don't want to make this a point of contention on the forum, but I 
>was just wondering exactly how many people actually have a 
>"bandwidth limitation" and/or can't just skim over parts of previous 
>messages?  For *me*, it is just as easy to download 100 characters 
>in a message as it is to download 1000.  I have never seen anyone 
>complain about this, except for administrators.  Is it really a 
>problem?  IMO, it is far more wasteful and annoying to receive out 
>of office auto reply notifications from members who use that feature 
>and don't think about the emails they will be getting from the IP forum.

The reason you don't see complaints is that they usually come to the 
Help address or to Administrators directly.

Some people do still pay for service or must use slower dial up 
connections and not on ComCast like yourself (and me).

As for the Out of the Office messages.  We handle those as 
well.  sometimes it takes those on duty a little longer because they 
have to deal with all the other mail before looking at all the 
messages sent to the IP.

Also another side effect of not clipping is peoples mailbox fill up 
faster and trust me when the Administrator that is handling bounces 
starts to get mail in the hundreds to thousands a day it gets annoying.

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