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Re: [IP] Pulling out infusion sets

 Those of us who were on pumps prior to development of sets that disconnected
used to tape a "loop" of tubing on the skin near the infusion set. If the tubing
got caug,h on something, it was the loop that pulled first, rather than pulling
the set out directly.
 Of course, this does make it inconvenient to disconnect, but it does prevent
the "un intended" disconnects.
 ***I also thought of the safety loop.. I have noticed that my leg sites do
sometimes pull out more often. One thing I do is if I have pulled it a little
loose (but not ripped it out entirely) I will use medical tape and tape down the
edges of the site and that usually keeps it in place until I am ready to move
 I used to have a much bigger problem with this.. can't tell you why it is
better now (course i say this and the next leg site I use I will rip out on the
first day!). But I find I do have to be more aware and try and take just a bit
more care.
Linda & Dax
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