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Re: [IP] Pow-Wows

That's exactly what they're for and why they will welcome everyone. 
I find the experience uplifiting and spiritual.
 I love to look at the jewelry and crafts. I bought some baby moccasins (that
wrap around and tie around the leg, baby mukluks) for one of my kids when they
were a baby and all the rest of the babies wore them after that. Better than
baby shoes cuz they didn't have stiff soles and were breathable and soft etc. :)
 To keep this diabetes related, if any of you go and eat the Indian/walking
tacos or fry bread (or anything else for that matter), be prepared to bolus...a
LOT! :) At one of the powwows I went to in WA they were serving buffalo
burgers...those are pretty good.
 Take care, Kerri - proud mom of 8 in western OR :)
 "Work hard, live simply, give liberally, save wisely." - John Coblentz,
Christian Family Living
Bonnie said:
We have Native American Pow-Wows in the Huntsville, AL area frequently.    I
attend many of them and I am no Native American.  The Pow Wows seem to be
there to educate, share their culture, sell beautiful things they have made,
do special tribal dances, explain what certain dances mean, and things like
that.   Their prayers are beautiful.

We always enjoy learning, they are interesting to talk to, their handmade
gifts are amazing. I always get a couple of Christmas presents, and ALWAYS
make one or two new friends.

So, absolutely go, anyone can. Try to attend on when you can.....try the
"walking taco".
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