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Re: [IP] Too much phosphorous?

Phosphorous is an essential nutrient--the hard structure of our bones 
is calcium phosphate.  I think it is the ratio to calcium that must 
be considered.  As I recall, lean meat is high is phosphorous 
relative to calcium, but that information came from a book on canine 
nutrition--pointing out that "all meat" diets for dogs did not give 
enough calcium. My diet software says a 3 oz rib eye has 156 mg 
phosphorous but only 11 of calcium.  Like all essential nutrients, 
phosphorous can be overdosed, but the presence of phosphorous 
certainly does not make a food "bad."  In fact my diet software says 
that the minimum daily dose is 1000 mg--1 gram.  Overdosing on 
phosphorous is unlikely for someone on a balanced diet, but it should 
probably be taken into account on an extreme low-carb. high-protein 
Incidentally, since people sometimes get upset about the phosphoric 
acid in carbonated beverages, I looked up the USDA website, figuring 
all carbonated beverages would be about the same on phosphorous.  37 
milligrams, about 4% of the minimum daily requirement.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
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