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[IP] Finally PUMPING...

I've had my Animas IR 1250 pump for nearly 2 months, and FINALLY got time
off from work when I could get started using it.

I've been reading and looking into it for several years already, ant the
Animas pump trainer and my doctor were shocked at how closely my calculated
starting rates matched with theirs.

I tried to save some time by pre-programming the pump starting basal rate,
I:C ratio, & ISF.

They calculated basal starting @ 0.55/hr.  I had pump set for 0.575, which
they called "close enough since it will be changing anyway."

They calculated I:C of 1:17... I programmed the pump for 1:19.  So far,
looks like actual will vary from 1:17 to 1:19 depending on what I eat, and
whether I'm working or not.

They calculated my ISF at 60... I came up with 64.  So far, looks like 64 is
almost exact (as close as can be determined with basal still needing a
little work (but not much).

I got started on the pump at 10 AM last Friday.  On injections, my daily BG
was ranging from 30 - 380.  Since starting on the pump, my lowest reading
has been 49.  Highest has been 245.

Right now, I still have a single basal rate of 0.50/hr, but after working a
couple nights, it looks like I may need to revise that slightly... Based on
my BG the last couple days, looks like my BG is staying pretty consistent
while working, but falls like a stone within a few hours after work, like
instead of a reduced basal during work hours, I may need a reduced basal
rate only during the last couple hours of work, extending to about 6 - 8
hours after work.

According to the pump, the last couple days, my TDD including basal AND
boluses is running around 22.5.

So far, pumping is a 99% improvement over control using Lantus... SO-CALLED
"Peak-less", but consistently pushing my BG too low roughly 6 - 8 hours
after injection... Claimed "24 hour action"... Most I know of, finding it
wearing off after 18 - 20 hours... On me, it was routinely lasting as long
as 48 hours.

Last shot of Lantus for me was last week Wednesday evening before going to
work.  Yet the Lantus was apparently working in me strong enough yet when I
connected to the pump that I had to eat before going to the pump training
just to get my BG above 100.  (And the pump training was roughly 38 hours
AFTER my most recent dose of Lantus, and I used NO fast-acting of any kind
between last Lantus dose and starting on the pump.)

Amazing how much easier it is to wake up in the afternoon when the BG is
both higher than 40, and lower than 350.


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