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RE: [IP] Re: weight

Loree - yes, I only ate one little Mott's container of sugar free applesauce
and one little container of Jello sugar free pudding for each meal.   Once
in a while I would do an Eggbeater's egg and pudding but most of the time it
was just the applesauce & pudding.  It seemed to take forever to decide that
my basals were set correctly and my I:C ratios.   In the middle of this my
32 year nephew (my sister's youngest) died from DKA in Slidell LA so in
November I had to travel from Arizona to Iowa for his funeral.   I still
have highs and lows and probably need to re-do the basal/bolus process but
just haven't felt like going through it again.   Some of my lows are from
not figuring the carbs closely enough but I tend to have a high 2 hour and
then a low 4 hour. I do a lot of square wave bolusing to try and help the
gastroparesis.   Sometimes the 8-10 hour BG is nuts but I finally decided I
just needed to eat and correct rather than not eat!  / shirley

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Hi Shirley, Sorry if the answer should be obvious, but it isn't to me...
Do you mean that you ate ONLY an applesauce or pudding for each meal for 3 
months? I just can't imagine that being enough to sustain either my BG or
energy level. Thanks, Loree

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From: "Shirley Beggs" <email @ redacted>
> When I started on the pump I just ate sugar free applesauce (I like Mott's
> best) and ate sugar free Jello pudding - one of each at each meal time.  I
> lost 45 pounds in 3 months and even though I am now starting to add food
> again the weight has stayed off.  I went from 149 to 104/105 lbs.    I 
> think it allowed my stomach to settle down.  I try to be careful with what
I eat since my blood sugars can go nuts if I eat "real" food but I'm
learning to eat and correct.   The doctor told me I couldn't loose any more
weight so I have found a few things that work and am doing ok.  Hope this
helps you.  / Shirley, dx 1954 age 5/Animas pump Oct. 2005
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> >
> If you have any "tricks" I am open to ideas. Also, is a scope the ONLY way
> to see if you have gastroparesis?  That isn't happening!
> Barb (email @ redacted)
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