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RE: [IP] Diabetes Health

Diabetes is named for one of its distressing symptoms. The disease was known
to the Greeks as diabts, a word derived from the verb diabainein, made up of
the prefix dia-, "across, apart," and the word bainein, "to walk, stand."
The verb diabeinein meant "to stride, walk, or stand with legs asunder"
hence, its derivative diabts meant "one that straddles," or specifically "a
compass, siphon." The sense "siphon" gave rise to the use of diabts as the
name for a disease involving the discharge of excessive amounts of urine.
Diabetes is first recorded in English, in the form diabete, in a medical
text written around 1425.

Diabetes is a disease, not a symptom. Once you have Diabetes you have a non
curable disease.
You may control it with diet and exercise, but you still have diabetes. If
you are given a 
Drinking glucose test your bodies metabolism will still not work properly.

John S Wilkinson, 
Rome, New York

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Actually , *technically* he is correct. "Diabetes" is just the name of the 
SYMPTOM. SO he doesn't have the symptoms of high blood sugar, peeing all 
the time, thirst. So technically it is correct to say the diabetes went 
away. He could still have the tendencies of the disease and needs to watch 
what he eats, etc. The disease itself has never been named... it's 
vernacular. and partly why the public is confused.

\\At 6/25/2006-02:16 PM, you wrote:

>  There was a guy at our church a few years ago who noticed Shannon's 
>pump and even knew what it was, so we started talking diabetes-shop. He 
>said he "used to have" diabetes, was even on insulin because it was so 
>severe, but that he didn't
>have it anymore because he had lost a lot of weight, thus, no longer 
>needed meds
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