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Re: [IP] Diabetes Health

 Yes, technically correct. But even so...even though *we* know the name is
actually just descriptive of a symptom and not of the underlying disease process
itself, it's not general knowledge. Most people I've come across aren't aware of
that. The general public definitely doesn't use it that way...to them the term
is synonymous with the underlying disease process. The overall gist of his
message was that he had been cured. He may not be symptomatic, but he still has
the underlying faulty metabolic process lying in wait like a dormant volcano. :)
I would call him a diet-controlled t2, not a cured one. If it still has to be
controlled in some way, it isn't cured. Has the medical community changed the
"once a diabetic, always a diabetic" philosophy (to my knowledge it applies to
both t1 & t2)? Just curious if anyone knows.
  Guess you just had to be there. :) It just left a bad taste, kind of like when
people say Shannon got diabetes from eating too much sugar. yeah...sure... :)
  Take care, Kerri - proud mom of 8 in western OR :)
 "Work hard, live simply, give liberally, save wisely." - John Coblentz,
Christian Family Living
Sue said:
Actually , *technically* he is correct. "Diabetes" is just the name of the 
SYMPTOM. SO he doesn't have the symptoms of high blood sugar, peeing all 
the time, thirst. So technically it is correct to say the diabetes went 
away. He could still have the tendencies of the disease and needs to watch 
what he eats, etc. The disease itself has never been named... it's 
vernacular. and partly why the public is confused.
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