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[IP] Re: weight

Saw my doc last week and I brought up the weight issue as I would like to
lose!!  She said that since I have an extremely SLOW digestive system Symlin
would just make that worse.  I asked what she could give me as I am eating
fruit, veggies and lean protein with about 10 miles daily biking and still I
cannot get that scale to move!!  She said I looked great, I responded I feel
horrible and have never been at this weight out of pregnancy.  She just
smiled and said keep on exercising-I responded, I see, you won't help me
until I hit 200 lbs, right?  Come on, isn't there anything that can whack my
metabolism into gear so I can drop weight?  Do I have to go to "street
drugs"?  I need to drop minimum of 10-15 lbs to feel like myself again and
noone will take that small amount into consideration-until it becomes 50 lbs
I guess.  I also got the age factor lecture and my response to that was "Oh
phlease".  It's not like I am eating and watching TV and doing nothing!!
Guess I need to walk around ALL day and eat celery????  If you have any
"tricks" I am open to ideas.

Also, is a scope the ONLY way to see if you have gastroparesis?  That isn't

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