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Re: [IP] Diabetes Health

At 11:07 PM 6/25/2006, you wrote:
>A very large couple visited us from our church and reported that a man
>who took 15u a day lost 15# and was off insulin. They said if I would
>lose weight I, too, could go off insulin. I think it's funny when a fat
>person tells a normal-sized person to lose weight for better health.
>YMMV The whole family was very large and the mom said the only exercise
>she got was Saturdays whipping up waffle batter.  Anyway that was when I
>did not know how to explain the difference in types. I did not comply.

Last weekend I was at a music festival and I was sitting at a picnic 
table, waiting for my friend to get his food.  I had brought my lunch 
with me and sat at the table to test my BG.  There was a couple at 
the other end, eating.  When I was done the woman asked me what meter 
I had.  She told me that she had been diagnosed as Type 2 about a 
year ago.  She said she had been on every pill and nothing was 
working.  She said she doesn't know why she got it, because nobody 
else in her family had it and she wasn't really overweight.  She said 
she had a doctor's appointment the following week, and I told her to 
question her doctor about the Type 2 diagnosis.  She was in her 
mid-late 40's and she wasn't obese, but could stand to lose 10-15 
pounds or so.  Her husband said that he was Tupe 2, forget how long, 
and last year the doctor told him he was going to put him 
oninsulin.  The guy said he refused, lost 30 pounds and now he didn't 
have to take anything.  Looking at his food - big bowl of greasy 
fries and a chili dog, I questioned (silently) his decision to not 
take any medications.  He also needed to lose at least another 30 pounds.

One of them, and I don't remember if it was the husband or wofe, 
asked me when I'd be able to stop taking insulin and I told them 
"never".  They seemed a little skeptical.

I felt really bad about the woman.  She seemed really sad talking 
about it.  I can't help but think that she's really Type 
1.5/LADA.  She said her BGs run over 200 no matter what she eats or 
how many pills she takes.

My boss also asked me recently if I could stop taking insulin now 
that I've lost all my excess weight.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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