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You should not burn them if they have earrings on etc because the path of
least electrical resistance would be from pad to pad. If I saw some one with
a pump and I needed to defib I would move the pump away (not disconnect) to
minimize the potential of damage to the pump.

Please remind you students to check for a medic alert (etc) notification for
any devices such as internal pacemakers of internal defibs.  I was a an
airport where someone showed signs of a heart attack and a person at the
airport grabbed the AED and was about to shock. I saw a medic alert and
aborted the shock. It turns out that the person had an internal defib and
the AED. It took a minute but his internal defib took care of the problem.

The ABCs should be changed to CANCs the first C being for Check for Medical

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 I am an instructor for the American Red Cross and was co-training our
instructors for the new materials being used for First Aid, CPR, and AEDs.
(Automatic External Defibrillators).  One of the instructors, who does
Professional Rescuer trainings, reminded us to remove the patient's jewelry
(earrings, necklaces, etc) before using the AED so as not to burn the victim
(the charge would go through them and to the metal instead of all of it
going where it was supposed to go).

I thought about our pumps and wondered if anyone knew what should be done.
Especially for those with the metal needs left inside.  We could disconnect
for those without the metal needles, but how would a non-pumper know the
difference?  I am not sure I would.  

Any EMTs or medical people know what should be done?

Betsy Krussel, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000
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