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Re: [IP] Re: an "elephant's ear?"

 I've heard that too (as far back as the early 90's), about the high number of
T2 diabetics on reservations. I lived in New Mexico for a long, long time and
there are lots of reservations there.
 Fry bread/elephant ears etc isn't something we eat often at my house (and when
I make it, I make 'em small, not those huge honkin' things you see at fairs and
powwows lol), so it's really not much of a health threat for us. The SW Indians
eat a LOT of it though so I can imagine it would have a huge impact on their
health (although like you said, it isn't the only thing impacting their health,
just one of many things.)
 Take care, Kerri - proud mom of 8 in western OR :)
 "Work hard, live simply, give liberally, save wisely." - John Coblentz,
Christian Family Living
Liz said:
 I don't remember where, but not that long ago I read an article about 
the high numbers of Type 2 diabetes on reservations.  The article 
made many references to fry bread and how it was a major part of why 
so many Native Americans were overweight and had diabetes.  I doubt 
that one food alone is the cause of their weight gain and high 
diabetes rates, but it's a factor.  I have never had the stuff and 
after I read that article, I never want to have any.  I was at a 
music festival last weekend and for the first time ever I saw fry 
bread listed on one of the food vendors signs.  I had never even 
heard of the stuff until I read that article.
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