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Re: [IP] Re: an "elephant's ear?"

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 08:08:57 -0400, you wrote:

>>Oh Puleeeze!  Pray tell what on earth is an "elephant's ear?"
>>I assume it's NOT a real ear????  Is this a regional thing?
>>I'm dying to know.

It's "fair" food, usually sold from some little food cart that hasn't been
 inspected for cleanliness or health in years. (or they'd have outlawed the ears
 *grin)) The things are puffy fried sweet flat bread, then smothered, usually in
 stuff like cinammon sugar (lots of it), and maybe other sugary sweet toppings
 your choice. Diabetics can figure that they generally have at least two to
weeks allowance of total fat content, twice that in saturated fat, and three
times that in trans fats, since the oils used for frying no doubt were last
changed four to five years ago and are totally oxidized.  Carb content is too
high to actually calculate, probably in the thousands of grams, and that's per

In short, they're delicious.  But you're gonna pay...
Eat a couple for me too, will ya?

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