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Re: [IP] Morning Lows!

Hi Dustin,

I'm coming into this conversation a little late, but I wanted to backup Eric 
on his statements.

When I was on Lantus (for over two years, before I started pumping about 7-8 
weeks ago), I had to take my Lantus in the morning. I require much less 
basal at night. I actually don't have a dawn phenomenon, so when my Lantus 
would peak, (approx 5-6 hours after injecting) I would start going down and 
just continue going down, until I would (thankfully) wake up with really low 
lows (usually in the 30s and 40s). Even after we switched to taking my full 
dose with breakfast I would have those lows at about 10AM (bkft was at 6AM), 
right in the middle of my very busy mornings at work. I found myself feeding 
the insulin, just to keep things at a good level the rest of the day.

Since I have been on the pump, I have had very few lows. Usually they can be 
easily traced to misjudging how busy my schedule was going to be on that 
particular day. Easily caught and corrected, since my pump reminds me to 
check my BG 2 hours after every bolus. And I have three different basals; 
one for workdays, one for non-workdays and a temporary basal for very busy 
workdays. Something I could not do when taking Lantus. Instead of feeding 
the insulin, I have basals that work for me. Now that I'm on a pump, my 
basals on any given workday go from .9 units per hour during the night, to 
.85 in the morning hours, to 1.1 during mid-afternoon to early evening. My 
insulin works for me, rather than the other way around.

Everyone is different, so why would anyone think that having one, and only 
one, recipe for treatment would work for all? I used to hate it when my doc 
would try to make my body work for the insulin, why wouldn't I do whatever I 
can to make the insulin work for me?

Laura & Lil Bit
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