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Hi Charlotte,
    I've had the clogged tubing 2x since I started the Cleos in March. The 
first time I wasn't that hi, just got a message that it was blocked.  I was 
at home to just changed sets and everything was ok.  The second time I got 
up in the morning a little high. I did a correction with my bolus,ate 
breakfast and went to work.  I started feeling weird a couple of hours 
later. I check my bs. I don't remember exactly but, was 300+.  Decided to 
try one more correction.  Then I got a can not complete bolus message.  I 
ended up calling Smith from work.  They had me do the push the cartridge 
thing too.  I couldn't budge it.  I had to go home (only 10 minutes away, 
but frustrating) and changing my set completely.  I didn't have any other 
trouble.   I got my second round of sets from Smith shortly after that. I 
have tons of extra tubing because I only change my cartridge every other 
time. (No, I had just changed it when I had the blockage) Let me know if you 
need some extra tubing.  I know that's not a permanent cure for the problem. 
I've been having a little trouble with the sets not staying in when I pull 
the purple part out. Once I get that off, they stick fine. I've had to throw 
a couple away because of that though.

Let me know if you want some extra tubing,

Babs Moffett
pumping 6 years cozmo 2years
diabetes 41 years 
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