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Re: [IP] MEDCO vent/ insulin shipped in hot trucks

I would call Eli Lilly yourself to see what they say.  I have the same
problem here in Wisconsin.  When it is hot here in the summer as well as the
cold winter we get the insulin in the foam bag with the freezer pack warm.
I was told the as long as the insulin was not cloudy it should be ok.  This
was from Eli Lilly. But that was in spring and it is not that warm then much
less than your 110.  I also can not see though how it is safe going in and
out of building, trucks and sit outside until a person gets home.  Winter
also. in and out in and out then sit outside in the cold when sometimes it
is around zero here.  I get told as long as it is not frozen.  I felt better
when they ALWAYS shipped it in the styro cooler.  The temp was more consent.

Deb Mom to Sarah 12 & Rebekah 10 dxd 4-1/2 yrs

> > Just venting here about today's MEDCO experience.
> >
> > Today we received two separate shipments from Medco
> >
> > One insulated envelope with 2 defrosted/warm "cold packs" with 12
> > bottles of warm insulin (arrived warm in south Florida at 4:45 p.m.).
> >
> > One thermal styrofoam insulated container with 4 cold packs still half
> >  frozen containing 2 glucagon kits and 1 box of pen needles. (arrived
> >  cold at
> > 4:45
> > pm.)
> >
> > I'd love to know why they refrigerated the glucagon kits and pen needles
> >  sufficiently and not insulin.
> >
> > When I expressed my concern about the insulin sitting in HOT not air
> >  conditioned brown UPS trucks in sunny south Florida in the summer, the
> > pharmacist at MEDCO told me that Eli Lilly says insulin is stable at (I
> > don't  recall the exact numbers) approximately 110+ degrees for 12 hours
> > or 120+  degrees for 8 hours.  Has anyone ever heard this?
> If I remember correctly, at that temperature and time, insulin will
> lose about 1 - 1 1/2 percent of its potency. While it's not good for it
> to sit that way for extended periods of time, it's not the end of the
> world, just a pain in the axx.
> Michael
> .
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